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CARING - At Redding & Weir we know that "caring" and "attorney" are two words seldom found together, but we really do care about the needs of our clients. We treat our clients as real people - not as file numbers.

INNOVATIVE - The practice of law is changing faster than ever before. We pride ourselves in keeping pace with recent developments in the law and finding new and creative ways to deliver better service to our clients.

ATTENTIVE - With Redding & Weir you can rest assured that your file would not get lost in the shuffle. Our computers and reminder systems make sure that matters are not forgotten.

PROMPT - Certain matters do take time, often longer than everyone would like. We have found that clients really appreciate our efforts to avoid unnecessary delays, allowing their matters to progress as quickly as possible.

COMPETITIVE - Many people shop for attorneys by comparing prices rather than comparing the services that they will receive. We strive to keep our fees competitive without reducing the services we provide