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Everyone needs and should have a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Proxy. Depending upon financial circumstances and one’s state of life, there may be a need for more than this. We have provided these services since the founding of our firm. Where necessary, we work with and are happy to help clients utilize highly specialized experts.

When a loved one passes, it is sometimes necessary to probate a will. We provide legal services to executors and estate administrators with regard to probate and estate administration. We strive to assist family executors and administrators in going through the process in a timely, dignified fashion in full compliance with the law.

At Redding & Weir we are dedicated to pursuing justice for people and the families of people who have been seriously injured through the fault of others. We have represented individuals in a broad variety of cases, and while we do not engage in the type of advertising commonly seen on billboards and television, we feel it necessary to state that we have obtained substantial awards and settlements, some in seven figures, for wrongfully injured people and their families.

However, more significant than the variety of cases we have undertaken, is the manner in which we practice law. Every case begins with a comprehensive and complete investigation as soon as possible. Although most cases settle, every case is investigated and prepared under the assumption that it will be tried. Extensive preparation from the beginning puts each client in the strongest negotiating position and produces the best results at trial.

In the olden days, not so very long ago, most people would apply at their local bank to get a mortgage. Interest rates were basically the same from one bank to the next. Today, although the mortgage market is much more complicated, many people still go to their local bank. Are these people getting the best mortgage available? Possibly, but they may be able to do better.