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How to Select a Law Firm
By Kenneth A. Redding Attorney at Law

Planning Makes a Difference Several years ago, I represented a widow in the management of her husband's estate. The husband, a successful professional, left an estate of around one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000). His will left the entire estate to his wife. There was no estate tax since spouses may give to each other unlimited amounts tax free.

Estate Planning That Keeps Wealth in the Family You've worked hard for the financial assets that you've built up over the years. If you want to pass them to your loved ones instead of to the government, read on.

Life Insurance Trusts Can Help Your Heirs On his deathbed, Oscar Wilde was offered a sip of champagne. He accepted, saying, "I am dying beyond my means." Make no mistake: death can be an expensive proposition, even if you have the means to go out in style.

Planning For Your Estate By Kenneth A. Redding Attorney at Law Most people do not realize how devastating the federal estate tax can be to a person's estate. The tax rate currently ranges between 37% and 60%, far higher than the top income tax rates!

Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance provides benefits to pay for nursing home or home carte services. Neither private health insurance, Medicare nor individual resources are generally sufficient to cover the costs of long-term care when a family member(s) requires extensive home care of permanent nursing home care.

What Happens When a Minor Inherits You have gone, leaving your estate to your minor children. what happens to the money and assets? Can the children use these funds?

Falsehoods Disseminated by Nursing Facilities Falsehood No. 1: "We can't give you therapy services because Medicaid doesn't pay for therapy." Nursing facilities continually try to limit Medicaid recipients to the bare necessities. The discrimination against Medicaid recipients is particularly evident when a resident shifts from Medicare reimbursement to Medicaid reimbursement.